Dear People,

Finally, after weeks of 'what on Earth is going on?', I think that I am clear about the Sean Cullen situation and whether or not he's coming to Australia.

Dave Toranto played an interview on 3RRR with Sean which was recorded about 2 weeks ago. From this I can deduce a number of things.

Most importantly, Sean said that he originally planned to go to Sydney to help out with their Comedy Festival but it proved way too expensive. It is no longer just Sean, now it is Sean, his 'accompaniest' Dylan and many other people. It's because of this that he can't come out to Australia. Excuse me whilst I cry.......Right, I've composed myself now.

However, there is the slightest chance (and I mean the very slightest) that Sean will bring Wood, Cheese and Children to Australia next year. Well, at the very least he says that he wants to.

As I have mentioned before in previous installements, Sean talked about the state of Corky and the Juice Pigs and their future. At the moment, Sean said that Corkies are definitely not a priority. This is mainly because Greg has been unhappy and so has bought a snow-mobile and moved North. He's teaching the natives music for anything up to 8 months thus putting on hold any Corky and the Juice Pigs plans.

Once again, Sean didn't mention a great deal about Phil. But, from what I have heard, his show in Edinburgh went extremely well.

During the course of this interview, bits and pieces from Wood, Cheese and Children were played. It sounds interesting to say the least, but I'm really itching to see a segment where Sean asks an audience member which food they'd like to be 'killed with tonight' and then sings a song about it.

So that's the update for this week. I may get back to transcriptions next week. But then again, I may not. Who can tell?

-Bye bye now