I thought all you Australian fans might enjoy a little Corky news from the home front, so I've enlisted the very talented Spronks to do just that. She'll bring news, transcripts, and what ever else she finds to your attention, so without further ado, let's let her introduce herself with this little intro!




More coming next week!!!

What are the Juice Pigs doing now? Spronks knows!!

As I understand it, I have the honour of reporting to you, the Corky viewing public, of all things piggy in Australia. In other words, I'm a sort of Corky and the Juice Pig Australian correspondant. And that suits me fine. I'm more than happy to chat endlessly to people who appreciate Sean, Phil and Greg.

Every week, I'll try to bring to you Australian news, transcripts and unknown songs all relating to the Corkies. Most of the information will be from radio or Aussie TV. All of the radio pieces will be from a weekly show called 'Cheeseshop' on 3RRR, which is hosted by a guy called Dave. As far as I know, Dave is a friend of the guys and thus has many live and CD material of them which he plays each week. It is this material that I will transcribe for you including bits and pieces from the illusive 'Bunwich Experiement'album, which never made it. I'll also include some Dame Sybille Thorndyke and some of the stuff by the guys individually.

But first, not meaning to be boring, but I'll tell you a tad about myself. I live near Melbourne, Australia and have been a strong Corky fan for around two years. And a weak fan for about 3 years before that.

Corkies status in Australia: You either love them or loathe 'em. More seem to loathe them. I know one other person who shares my fascination. Sad isn't it? However, when they tour here, they do very well, so there are others around. When they do trek down here, they usually do a season at a place called the Prince Patrick hotel and rumour has it that they stay there aswell. They also visit Dave on 'Cheeseshop', do 'Cheeseshop Live' and a couple of TV appearances.

The news this week is that 'Cheeseshop' has played a little more of 'Bunwich Experiement', a rather bizarre and weird clip. I'll transcribe it later in my installments. Slowly, slowly I'm piecing together the 'Bunwich Experiement' album. It's sounds rather good, I'm not sure why it was never released.

That's about it for this rather clumsy first week. Next week I'll transcribe a song for you. I think I'll do 'I'm the only gay eskimo - the blue version' - if it's printable that is! It's worth a look just to see how scary that song can get.

But, I'll leave you with perhaps my favourite Corky exchange so far:

Sean: Are those new trousers you have on, Greg?
Greg: Yeah, don't they look great?
Sean: I doubt Christ would have thought so.
Greg: What do you mean, Sean?
Sean: I mean, Greg that if you spent a little less time glorifying you buttocks with those expensive trousers of yours and a little more time glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for your sins, I think you'll find the kind of fufillment that a tight pair of trousers can never give you!
Greg: You're right, Sean!
Sean: Cast off your trousers and follow me!

-Taken from 'Cheeseshop' 3RRR.

Bye bye now.