This week I thought I'd take the pace down a bit and talk about something that is close to my heart - me. Oh, how incredibly boring of me you may be thinking, but there IS a connection with the Juice Pigs. This installement is going to be about how I know this Canadian group and what they get up to in Australia.

Firstly, I got to know them from the radio basically. I knew their name, wasn't too keen on their material, but that doesn't matter now. My friend and I used to absolutely have tears of laughter from the P.S.A 'Earl the Incredible Squirrel', but that's about it.

However, last year during the Melbourne Comedy festival I happened to stumble upon an outdoor gig that they were doing to promote the comedians. Other comedians were The Three Canadians and Australians of all sorts. Well, I'd heard about them so I thought I'd give them a try. They were going down quite well with the audience, but it was interesting to see them work the crowd. At the start of the day there was hardly anyone watching, but at their last set there was heaps of people.

The two things that I remember about that first day was that I was from then on a big fan of Corky and the Juice Pigs and secondly a little boy in the audience. At one point Greg stole his hat and then the boy snatched it from Greg. Greg then chased this boy around the complex, picked him up, carried him to the stage and placed him on one of the speakers. At this point the little boy started to burst out crying. Sean then felt sorry for him and let him down.

Memorable comment from this outing came from Phil: 'That's the funniest thing I've seen - a baby up the front dancing to 'Basketball Ass'!'

The next week my friend called and asked if I would like to see them again (the out door gig went for two weekends) and I agreed. It was mostly the same stuff but there was an interesting twist. An old man had decided to dance to one of their songs, and some girl wanted to perform her ballet. So, the whole show turned out to be a huge rap performed by the guys whilst dancing with these two deranged people. It was amazing. The audience was huge by the end of it and everyone just went nuts!

Unfortunately, their last show was that night and I wasn't able to go. Just my luck they havn't come back to Australia since. Here's hoping for the next comedy festival.

So, that's the story. Hope it didn't bore you.

Bye Bye now,