Phil: We'd like to bring out all our guests now, all of the other comedians who have been on the show tonight, we'd like to bring them up now, we're going to do one huge stage version, we're going to end this show with this very...if you guys wanna come up. Here's Ed Byrne and Adam Cooper. We have Merrick from Merrick and Rosso5000.
Greg: Where's David Hattingham?
Phil: David Hattingham? He's on his way through the crowd. And some blond girl who wasn't in the show, but you may as well come up. No?
Sean: This is the kind of amalgimation that can only happen during a comedy festival or during a prison film about Germany.
Greg: I love that film.
Phil: This is a little song that we all wrote while we were touring in the Yukon.(Crowd goes nuts as they are want to do!)

All: I'm the only gay eskimo, the only one I know
I'm the only gay eskimo, in my tribe.

Greg: I go out hunting with a piece of ice,
I kill a bear and then I have sex with it.

All: I'm the only gay eskimo, in my tribe.

Ed: Even the walrus thinks that something is wrong,
When I know the words to every Barbara Streisand song.

All: I'm the only gay eskimo, in my tribe.

Phil: Well, me and Nuk Fluk Chuk Buk, you've heard it before,
I'll just end up f**king my door.

All: (confused laughter) I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe.

Greg: Living in an igloo takes its toll,
When I'd rather have a huge, ridged icicle d**do up my @$$hole.

All: I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe.

Adam: I hunt with the hunters, I sing their tune,
But, it's not whale meat I want on my harpoon.

All: I'm the only gay eskimo, in my tribe.

Ed: Pretending to be straight is just such a farse,
When all I really want is a big c*ck up my arse.

All: I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe.

Dave: I fish throught the ice with my fishing pole,
But I'd rather find a more accomodating hole.

All: I'm the only gay eskimo, in my tribe.

These cold winter nights are taking their toll
I even get excited when i see the North Pole........ See his @$$hole.

Phil: Now, we'll do the impressions.

(the impression done after this are:
All: Proclaimers, Ed: Alanis Morrisette, Adam: Darlek from Dr. Who, Merrick: Homeboy,
Sean: Morrisey and Greg: The Cars.)

YES! Fly against censorship! Oh, this is me again by the way. That previous line might have made a good song lyric, but I don't think that it was included. Let's bring the pace down a little next week shall we? A bit more mellow, a bit more subtle. Next time I write I will attempt to get to the bottom of this whole 'Bunwich Experiment - third album' thing. I'll transcribe some stuff that Corkies said about this album on a couple of occasions. Should be good - or perhaps it won't be. One can never tell in this ficulent world of comedy and the'net.Bye bye now, Spronks.