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The BIOS/ IMAGES page tells you about our favorite oinkers!!!
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The IMAGES page has PICTURES!!! (need I say more?)
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The MADTV page has info on the Pigs and MADTV!!!
The LYRICS/ TABS page has tabs and lyrics!!!
The CONTACT CORKY page has info on how to contact the Juice Pigs!!!
The CD BUYING INFO has info on how to order CDs
The D. NEWSLETTER Is a letter I got from Corky's management.
The LINKINGPage has info on how to put a link to me on your page
The FUN 'N GAMES directory lets you have fun with the Pigs!!!
The SPRONKS CPJ news, stories, and laughs from Down Under!
The NEW Page has what's new at Corky Central
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The FAQ page addresses your questions about CJP
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The FAN INFO page has info sent to me by the fans
The CORKY XCHANGE is for you to leave messages about the Pigs
The POLL RESULTS page has poll results from previous months