Sean has inked a six-figure deal with CBS Prods. to develop and star in a sitcom for fall 2000." --NEW YORK (Variety)

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I was e-mailed by Greg a little while back and he brought me up to date on what's up with the Juice Pigs. They are currently on hiatus still, with Greg teaching in Canada, and Phil and Sean touring separately. Sean is inking some sort of deal with CBS, so there's no MadTV in the future for a while.


Oh, I can't control my excitement- SketchCom has announced the date of Corky's Appearance!
Monday, Oct. 26th
7:30 pm

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Well, I wrote to New World CDs and got an update on their album status. The debut CD, as you may know, is sold out, and the cassette isn't too far behind. On a brighter note, though, they believe they have enough of the "Pants" CD and cassette to last till next year.


I still don't know when Corky will be airing on "Sketchcom", but I do know that it is premiering in September, and will be in the 7:30 pm time slot!!!


Corky will be taping a half hour episode of the new CBC (Canada) sketch comedy show "SketchCom". I don't know when it will be airing, but it will be posted up here when I find out!!


Corky and The Juice Pigs will be performing their song:
“To Fat to Rock & Roll”
Friday, July 10th, GLOBAL (Canada only), 12:30am
Saturday, July 11th, FOX 11pm


Corky and The Juice Pigs will be performing their songs:
“Pants”, “Circus Freaks”, & “Basketball Ass” on...
Friday, May 8th, GLOBAL (Canada only), 12:30am
Saturday, May 9th, FOX 11pm


The Pigs will perform the songs: “Janitor”, “Psycho”, & “Todd”on...
Friday, April 24th, GLOBAL (Canada only), 12:30am
Saturday, April 25th, FOX, 11pm

Sean Cullen will be premiering a month long solo show in Toronto, Canada
SEAN CULLEN Wood, Cheese & Children!
Tim Sims Playhouse
Previews April 3 Opens April 5 Thru to April 26
56 Blue Jays Way @ the new Second City across from Gretzky's
Tues thru Sun at 8:30pm Tix $8 - $19.75
Box Office 343-0011
Or call Zoe or Lorne at Diamondfield Entertainment (416) 977-9596 for more information


The Corky distribution group, Denon, has gone broke. As far as I've heard, "Pants" is still available, but their first album is not. The "Corky team" has told me they aren't yet sure who will pick it up.


The Pigs will be performing on MADTV their Meatloaf parody "Too Fat To Rock & Roll" as well as their little tune "Todd" on... Friday, March 6th, GLOBAL (Canada only), 12:30 Saturday, March 7th, FOX, 11pm


Corky and the Juice Pigs will not be touring the US soon, nor will they be releasing any new albums, as they are all working on their own projects.