CORKY BIOS (sorta)

Well, unfortunatly, I haven't yet recieved the press kit that is being sent to me, so you'll have to wait a bit for better info, but here's a little. A lot of you probably have heard of Corky from MADTV. Well, you'll be glad to know that friend and fellow Canadian Brian Hartt is head writer of MAD, so you'll be seeing much more of Corky in the future!! Yay!!

Please let me know if any info I've put here is wrong.

Corky consists of Sean Cullen, Greg Neale, and Phil Nichol.
They are all native Canadians, but have been spending much more of their time recently in England.
Besides MAD & their live shows, they have done Dr. Demento- a Canadian DJ- cds and appearances. Some other American appearances include MTV and Comedy Channel. They've also contributed to several Canadian compilation CDs and done some Royal Canadian Air Farce stuff.
They began at a intervarsity comedy competion at University of Windsor, where they banded together for fun. They are from the class of '87.

SEAN CULLEN Thirty-one year old Sean Cullen also has the side show/character Dame Sybille, a raunchy, bawdy, ageless lady.
GREG NEALE Greg recently has gotten his old band, Relic back together and is working on or has finished his book: Heaven Journals.
PHIL NICHOL Phil is the head honcho of the band. He was born in Glasgow but moved to Canada*.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the relative sparsity of this page, and I promise I'll get more up soon!!

* thanx to for that bit of info!!