I'm back.

Bet you didn't even know I was gone, did you? Never mind, thems the breaks for being a cyber-chick. Anyway, I have limited time (sounds like I'm going to expire or self-combust) so I will get straight to the topic for today - "Father and Son".

Many of you may know of these sketches that Corkies do, but for those who don't, it may be a tad visual. What a fantastic medium I have chosen for visuality! Anyway, "Father and Son" is a series of sketches played by two of the three (they swap round) and the two characters are - you may have guessed it - Father and son.

Theme: (it's complicated, so keep up!) Fun, living with father and son, living with father and son, father and son living with father and son.........

Phil: Hi Dad
Sean: Hi son.
Phil: Hey, Dad?
Sean: Yes, son?
PhilSean: Well, the sky is blue because of the breath of the birds in the morning. The birds sing and their breath colours the sky and then as the day goes of their breath disappears and the sky goes dark again.
Phil: The birds are loud today. Hey Dad?
Sean: Yes, son?
Phil: Then where does the sun go at night?
Sean: Well, the sun goes over to the other side of the world where Santa and his elves polish it with their tiny chisels and send it back here for us to enjoy.
Phil: Hey, Dad?
Sean: Yes, son?
Phil: Dad, how come there are red people and white people and yellow people and black people?
Sean: Well, in the beginning everyone in the world was a different colour and then there was a horrible flood. And only those four colours of people were very strong swimmers so they swam to safety! And that's why there's those four colours of people in the world.
Phil: Oh, that's pretty cool. Hey Dad?
Sean: Yes son?
Phil: Dad?
Sean: Yes, son?
Phil: Dad, Dad, where do babies come from?
Sean: Hahahahhaha, well, a man and a woman..
Phil: Yeah.........
Sean: They go to bed together.....
Phil: Yeah......
Sean: And they fall asleep. Then they both have the same dream about a lovely little baby and nine months later that dream comes true.
Phil: Is that true?
Sean: Oh, I wouldn't lie to you son.
Phil: You sure know a lot, Dad.
Sean: Haha, it's my job, son.
Phil: Hey Dad?
Sean: Yes, son?
Phil: Dad, do ya ever think they're gonna let you out of here?
Sean: Oh, I hope not, son.
Phil: Why?
Sean: Because I'm completely insane.
Phil: So you don't think you'll ever ever ever get out of here?
Sean: Oh, I don't think so, but it's not so bad. You meet a lot of interesting people in here, in fact there is a man over there who can speak to Rene de Carte through his nipples.
Phil: Oh, hello Charlie!
Sean: Bonjour.
Phil: Hey Dad?
Sean: Yes son?
Phil: Can we go fishing again?
Sean: Oh sure, just don't cast towards the receptionist, she gets angry.
I think that I will go mad if I have to write "Hey Dad, yes son?' one more time. Anyway, that was it. There are others that I will bring to you in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy. Until then,

Bye bye now, Spronks.