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Lucky for you I have taken a bit of time out of my busy schedule (can you tell I'm being sarcastic?) to write you another installement of Corkies. This week I thought that I'd transcibe an interview. Now, it's a rather old interview, on from '92 (Sean still had his long hair!), but it has value I think. An Australian comedian (and a rather brilliant one at that) called Andrew Denton went over to the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, Canada and caught up with the guys. Here's what they had to say:

Andrew: Welcome Corky and the Juice Pigs.
All: Hello.
Andrew: In the buisness of really offending your audience. Have you ever had an audience turn on you?
Phil: Completely yeah, we've had some really vile audiences. Isn't that right, Sean?
Sean: Well I think one of the classics is I came - we were doing a university show and, er, little to my knowledge....I came in and the first thing I said was I intend to use non-sacratives and I yelled out Welcome to Ottawa, the land of legless women!. And while we were back stage they'd wheeled in a whole bunch of handicapped people at the back.
Phil: Ten wheelchairs.
Sean: And they were in their wheelchairs and no-one said a thing.
Phil: No-one, there was dead silence and then the rest of our show was downhill from dead silence.

(all singing)
I'm dead and I'm proud
I'm dead and I'm glad
I'm dead and I'm happy, no need to be sad
I'm dead and I don't have to pay my phone bill!

Andrew: What's too far for you guys, where do you draw the line at? Here's the question, where do you draw the line?
Phil: I think that it's good not to draw lines in comedy. It's good to be wide open, make fun of everything then you're not going to be a pegged as making fun of any specific group.
Sean: The only rule is, let's have no rules!
All: Ooooooooooo.

(All singing)
I'm married to a quadraplegic Sometimes I leave her in the tub too long!

Andrew: The Montreal comedy festival, you're a Canadian act..
Sean: Yes.
Andrew: Where do you guys sit on the hierarchy?
Phil: We are definitely the lowest rung on the ladder at the Montreal Just for Laughs festival.
Andrew: But how can that be? You're local product. How come the Canadian act is down the bottom?
Phil: We're Canadian.
Greg: Everybody's here to see American and international acts.
Andrew: Hey, so do we have three bitter guys here that the Americans...

The Man who thinks he's Jesus

It's me again now. I think that next week I'll stay on the topic of interviews and transcribe one conducted at last year's comedy festival in Melbourne.
CORKY RELATED NEWS: This year in October, Sydney, Australia will be having their first Comedy Festival and one of the acts booked already is Sean Cullen. I believe that he will be performing his Edinburgh show Wood, Cheese and Children. Can't wait!
Bye bye now, Spronks.