Here we go once again with another Corky installment. Today, I won't so much concentrate on transcribing stuff as trying to interpret stuff. I don't know whether you are all aware of the 'Bunwich Experiment'. If not, I'll attempt to explain. Echem. (that was me clearing my throat - in retrospect, it doesn't translate very successfully onto paper. Or computer for that matter.) From what I've heard, the 'Bunwich Experiment' was meant to be the Corkies third album. 'Haha!', you may be thinking. 'She's made that name up - she's trying to impress us!' BUT NO! Actually, I thought that I'd made the whole thing up too, so just to makes ure I checked the archives again. And lo! Evidence that there was at least meant to be another album (or CD. I'm a child of the 80s and have not really got out of this whole 'album' syndrome).
A couple of years ago the guys were on 'Cheeseshop' and the conversation steered toward the 'Bunwich Experiment'. Actually,I think that it was the unofficial launching of the album. Anyway, make up you own mind:

Dave: We played Burn Victim Girl a minute ago from what I believe to be your most recent CD?
All: Yes. That is correct.
Dave: Of course you Phil were out here.....December?
Phil:, November.
Dave: You dropped in. The other guys look surprized. They didn't know you'd escaped obviously.
Sean: That's alright.
Greg: We bought his ticket.
Dave: So you were here and there was talk then, because on the Pants CD there is a lot of bits in between the tracks which sound like what you do on stage so much as you're making XXXX up.
Phil: Yeah.
Dave: Now you said that that came out of a huge long improv session in the studio.
Phil: We did. Ah, once we recorded the album we realized that the idea was to put radio pieces in between and we spent a few hours just improvizing, changing the subject ever few seconds, every 10-30 seconds for these radio bits to tie in between the songs. We had so much fun doing that and listening to that back we thought it was so funny, we then went into the studio and did 10 hours of complete improv, no pre-conceived notions what-so-ever.
Dave: Was it 10 hours in a row?
Phil: 10 hours in a row, with all the toxins that you could possibly imagine to consume so as the session goes on, the tenth hour is quite insane. What we have done is that we have edited that ten hours down into some of our favourite and very weird bits really for comedy connesseurs and we've put it into a one hour package which we've entitiled 'Bunwich Experiment'. (Transcribed from 3RRR 'Cheeseshop' radio)

Me again. So, then I thought 'OK, fine, it was a couple of years ago, maybe things have changed'. How foolish I was. For at last year's Melbourne Comedy festival, Corkies went on a TV show called Recovery on the ABC and said thus:

Dylan: Corky and the Juice Pigs, thank-you very much. Very splendid rendition there. Meatloaf would be very happy to hear about that. You enjoying the festival at the moment?
Sean: What?
Dylan: Oh, mate, I'm talking to you.
Sean: Oh, sorry, I'm blind.
Phil: Yeah, the festival, it's excellent.
Sean: Very good.
Dylan: Playing at the Prince Patrick hotel at the moment until Sunday April 20 and then off to Sydney and Brisbane you can catch Corky and the Juice Pigs who have also put out a couple of albums in their time, hey?
Phil: Yeah, couple of indi CDs out.
Dylan: The first one self titled and the second one 'Pants'.
Phil: Pants, yeah.
Dylan: Is there going to be a third album to complete the triligy?
Phil: Yeah, the 'Bunwich Experiment' is due out this fall.
Dylan: This fall? Phil: Well, fall.
Dylan: What's that in our terms?
Sean: Autumn.
Phil: Autumn (Aussie accent) Autumn, Autumn.
Dylan: Which could be Spring here.
Phil: Yes. (Transcribed from 'Recovery' ABC, Australia)

So, you see, I am one confused little Australian. Is this a big joke on us? Maybe it's their perverse way to get their kicks.
No more was said of 'the Bun'.....
.....Until last week when Dave on 'Cheeseshop' mentioned that he had found under the house perhaps the only copy of the 'Bunwich Experiment' in Australia (the world Dave, the world.) and played a sample of it. So, after all this time, I have come to the conclusion that the 'Bunwich Experiment' was made, promoted and then abandoned. Why? I'm not sure. I'm a transcriber, not a genius! But I do know that it looks like it will definitely not be released.
And next week, in my undisputed role as a transcriber, I will give to you 'The Pickle song'. Not sure if you've heard that before. If so, you can relive the experience. If not, lucky you! Bye bye now -Spronks