This is an unusual situation, but I have decided to put in an installement in the middle of the week. Why? you ask. Because I'm one confused little person. The reason for my confusion is that I have two Corky sources and they are both contridicting each other. I also have some news on what the individual members of Corky and the Juice Pigs are doing at the moment. Let me start with Sean.

Last week I mentioned that Sean Cullen will be doing the Sydney Comedy Festival in October. Well, that's what I thought. He was in fact advertised as doing it, but I have received some news that goes against that completely.

Dave Toranto (from 3RRR Cheeseshop) has recently come back from Edinburgh and taped an interview with Sean. This interview took place last week, but Dave won't be playing it until next week. Anyway, Dave mentioned that Sean said he won't be coming to Australia for at least 8 months, although he'd dearly love to. He has far to much to do in England and America. He even said that he will be doing auditions for Mike Myers and the upcoming sequel to 'Austin Powers'!

So, I don't know why Sydney would say that Sean's coming to do his show when he obviously knows nothing about it! I'll keep you posted with updates.

Regarding Corkies: Sean said that they have no plans as yet to do anything as a group, but they havn't split up. The just have other things to do now that's all. As I said, I havn't heard the actual interview yet, I'm just going off what Dave said on radio. I'll transcribe the interview in a couple of weeks.

Greg and his new Australian bride are now in North America (don't quote me on that. It's North something, but I can't remember!) for 8 months where Greg is teaching the native children music. This is one of the reasons that Corkies will not be doing anything for a while.

And Phil? Well, Dave didn't mention Phil, but I'm sure he's doing fine.

So that's my dilemma. Will Sean do Sydney, or will he stay in the UK? I guess I better listen to the interview and decide for myself. Until next time, bye bye now.